How To Find Performance Bonds If You Have Credit Issues

If you are a contractor and you are working on a big project, you are going need performance bonds at some point. These bonds guarantee that you are going to do the job and they protect the customer in case you don’t complete the job. Many projects you won’t even be able to complete unless you have a performance bond. It can be a challenge getting these bonds if you have credit issues, but the professionals at Bonds Express will work with you no matter what type of credit issue you have.

You will usually encounter the need to take out a performance bond when you are bidding on a government project since these projects are funded with taxpayer money and the money has to be protected. If you are not able to complete the job, Bonds Express will pay for the completion of the project.

The performance bond will also protect you in case one of your contractors doesn’t complete the work you hired them to do. You will need to gather some financial information to get your bond and you also need a copy of the contract. Many bond companies won’t work with you if you have bad credit, but Bonds Express will work with you if you have credit issues.

Bonds Express offers rates as low as 5 percent for people with credit issues. They also offer contractor performance and bid bonds that don’t even take your credit score or net worth into account. These bonds are a good option if you got turned down for a performance bond.

When you work with Bonds Express you can get your bond in 24 hours and their staff is easy to work with and knowledgeable. They speak Spanish and they also offer overnight delivery if needed. They take credit cards and their bad credit program is easy to qualify for.

You don’t want to let bad credit hold you back from getting jobs because you can’t get the performance bonds that you need. Bonds Express is willing to give you a chance and they will help you get the bond that you need so you can complete the project and get paid.

Bonds Express offers low cost bonds and you can get your bond by filling out the simple online application. They are willing to help people who have credit issues or who pose a greater risk and they can make the process of getting a surety bond much easier. They offer fast approvals and your application is usually approved in hours.

Getting the bonds you need is much easier when you use Bonds Express and they work with a variety of underwriters so they can usually get a bond approved no matter what your situation is. If bad credit is stopping you from applying for a performance bond, give Bonds Express a try and get approved for the bond you need so you can get to work on your project.

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